Gurl, it’s a brunch bowl


DC is all about brunching; hell, I’m all about brunching! Breakfast foods have always held a very special place in my heart. I could (and did, in college) eat Cheerios for multiple meals a day.

Any restaurant that jumps on the brunch bandwagon and puts out a good spread has good business sense. Take my favorite brunch bowl from Level One on 14th Street— hash browns (or #browns hahaha), cheese, bacon and topped with an egg. It’s heaven in a shallow bowl, and my boyfriend and I decided it needed to be recreated at home for a fraction of the price with control over trans fats goodies. OK, so I was more worried about the calories than he was, but whatevs. If you’re interested in the recipe, follow the jump.

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New Year, New Post? Yes, Please!


Holy metal, Batman, how long has it been!?! < This question is rhetorical. Please do not actually answer it as it will cause me to feel a bit worse than I already do for having neglected this wonderful creation of a blog.

Becoming pregnant for the first time clearly made me MIA. Here’s why: I’ve stopped cooking as much, stopped going out to eat as much, and but I’ve still managed to eat way more than I did pre-pregnancy. Which is then always followed by that wonderful thing called sleep. Blog… what? Sure, I’ll cook dinner tonight but… take a picture of what? Go out to eat at where & at what time? After summer/fall, those ideas seemed to fade from my vocab and retreat to that place in my brain that’s specially reserved for random thoughts. Rest assured that I am lightly back with a vengeance though! I say lightly because as of today I am now 8 1/2 months into this beautiful thing called the creation of a little human being and while it’s by far my #1 biggest accomplishment, it is so much more tasking and scarier now since he’s due on Feb 23rd. So soon! I’m in love and can’t wait to meet him, yet, I can wait just a little bit longer. Everyone’s asking “are you guys ready?” My reply is “When are you ever really and truly ready?” It’s more like prepare and pray, and then prepare some more to the best of my ability. All of my future posts will a jumble of food, life, baby-related news, followed by more life, and more food. You’ve been forewarned :-).

Speaking of food.. my first post of the new year wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include some pictures of both home-made and restaurant-made dishes that I did remember to pull out the phone for before filling my face. Things like lasagna, pan seared salmon & shrimp with garlic/lemon butter sauce, rack of lamb, & beef stew via a wonderful new crock pot. Mmmm…

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I can honestly say that I really miss food. I miss cooking. I miss being in my kitchen blasting Pandora and smelling like garlic and onions. I miss having the energy to cook for others and myself quite frequently. I miss planning menus and dinner parties. I miss grocery shopping for certain items (crazy, I know!). I suppose me not cooking professionally for the past almost 2 years has contributed to this longing as well. So aside from a new baby coming into the picture this year and turning our family of two into a sweet family of three, I’ll be starting my own personal chef business. The business plan is in the works, followed by a license, insurance, and permit, and then it’s marketing, marketing, marketing for clients. The best part about being a personal chef is that you have the opportunity to serve/feed others and make lives just a little bit easier while being creative and creating a custom menu that fits the family/individual that you’re working for. Creativity beyond measure in the midst of feeding others while you’re simultaneously you’re own boss? Hello, dream job! Stay tuned. Happy 2014 to all of you!