Baby, Food.


So that last meal that I was supposed to make before the arrival of RB? Yeah, that didn’t happen. Exhaustion, anxiety, and hunger overruled and if I remember correctly we had take-out. Following that, a friend of mine graciously decided to cook a variety of meals for us to stock up our fridge and freezer for our new home-with-baby days (thanks Brice!!). I actually didn’t start back cooking again until last month because the food ran out and as we all know, eating out is a luxury that can be soo expensive. Eating out more than once or twice a week? My husband works and I’m currently a stay-at-home mom – ain’t nobody got time for that lol.

Before I regale you with tales of food, let me take a huge moment to gush over the 14-15 lb baby who is currently napping next to me in his rocker. Terrence Avery Younger was born on March 17th at 1:47pm. Our rainbow baby will be 3 months this month!! Time. Is. Flying. We’ve survived the newborn stage that comes with no sleep, blowouts/diaper leaks, growth spurts and fussiness, the first date night out while leaving the baby with one of the grandmas, and the 1st set of vaccinations. He’s beautiful – he’s a good mix of Tony and I and he has my nose. The wonder of genetics, huh?


Being the mom of a rainbow baby is an ongoing experience of various emotions but I can proudly say that I am the mom of two beautiful little boys, one living and one in heaven, who have taught me so much in the past year about faith, love, and life in general. I know Terrence is going to grow up fast but my constant prayer is that he doesn’t grow up too fast. I’m in love. We actually just had a Sip & See party for him this past Saturday and while (thanks to Wegmans) I didn’t have to cook everything that was on the table, I had to go all out dessert-wise and make Sally’s marshmallow-filled s’mores cupcakes – fudgy chocolate cupcakes with a marshmallow filling, topped with milk chocolate icing, crushed graham crackers, and toasted marshmallows. Totally drool-worthy. Everything from Sally’s Baking Addiction is drool-worthy. Go check her out if you haven’t already. Warning: you may become obsessed.

marshmallow filled s'mores cupcake

So that leaves food – on the home front, there’s frittatas, dijon chicken, baked salmon, and the list goes on. All in all, I think I cook at least twice a week now which isn’t bad. When Terrence is napping, I’m running around the kitchen to get it done before he wakes up. Thankfully, his naps are 1.5 to 2.5 hours long.

I’ve joined the team at WeCook Inc, a new startup that provides individuals and families with great meals by providing delivered groceries and meal prep service via personal chefs like myself. As a company grows there’s always room for improvement, but so far they’re doing a great job. I’m definitely happy to be working again, especially since it doesn’t interfere with my daily duties of being a mom. My business Foodtellect Personal Chef Service will also be in the works once all of the legal aspects and marketing tools have been established. Lastly, yours truly is hosting another Feastly dinner next month on July 18th. The theme is summer seafood lovin’ and the menu along with everything else can be viewed here. $38 for four courses (3 of which are seafood-centered) is pretty decent so if you’re free and interested, go book a seat so you can come on out and eat :).

Beautiful little baby? Check. Food? Check. In the next few months I’ll be making baby food. I’m so not ready.

Baking To Live


I can honestly say that I have not baked so many things from scratch than I have in the past few months. I haven’t been working for a while now, which is a blessing as it cuts out the amount of stress that I deal with on a daily basis, especially during this pregnancy. Not working and being pregnant also means that unless going out for something social or necessary, I’m at home. All the time. As you can imagine, a girl gets BORED. There are only about 6 more weeks until our rainbow baby arrives so I’m planning for that and just trying to relax/sleep.

I have been baking (in more ways than one), to live. There’s a “bun in the oven” because there’s a tiny human being (let’s call him RB for “rainbow baby”) growing in there preparing to meet the world and I’m out here on the outside constantly filling up my actual oven. I’m baking on the inside for a person I haven’t met yet but am so in love with. Our bodies are sharing everything for his overall well-being because he needs me to live, and in the mix of my joy/grief/happiness/sadness of everything that’s happened within the past 12 months, I really truly need him too. I’m baking on the outside to help stay sane/calm.

I’ve always been someone who cooks but I’ve never been that much of a baker. Up until the later part of last year, I was only about making my signature bread pudding or doctoring up a boxed cake mix. For the fancier things and homemade goods, I always went to someone else due to the time, precision, and skill that baking takes. I was pretty sure that I didn’t have any of those qualities perfected for doing it right. Cooking allows freedom to change things, baking requires exact precision of everything. Well, who has time for that, right?

Yet now baking has given me another creative outlet. Doing it quiets my mind that’s always going a million miles a minute during this pregnancy. It gives me something positive to focus on along with reading, praying, and cooking. Not to mention, the end results come out pretty tasty and it also provides great reading material! Blogs out here like Sally’s Baking Addiction have made me fall in love and want to make/eat just about everything that’s listed everywhere. So far my “done” list consists of S’mores cookies, cinnamon rolls, banana cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream, donuts, buttermilk biscuits, cinnamon swirl banana bread, and maybe another item or two that’s slipped my mind.banana cupcake
homemade cinnamon rolls


Now that I’m 8 months in, I get tired faster so I’ve slowed down some. RB is due next month so I’m switching my brain back over to complete cooking mode so I can put some healthy freezable meals in the freezer that will come in handy post-birth. I also need to get an early start on recruiting a couple of folks to bring us food after we come home from the hospital. I’ve heard that it’s normal for people to bring dishes over, but nowadays I don’t want to assume. If they’re recruited then that just makes life easier :-). Snap, I also need to figure out what the last meal I make is going to be before RB gets here *cue dramatic music*. Stay tuned for that madness!

s'mores cookies